• What's this about?

    You are on the page where you can track the journey of your teddy adopted on Tedsby. If the seller sent your parcel which has a tracking number and added it to the system, you will automatically receive an email with a link to follow your teddy’s journey.
  • Where can I get the tracking number?

    After you adopted a teddy on Tedsby and the seller sent it, you will receive an automated email with a tracking number. If the parcel was sent without tracking number or you have made an order through private messages the tracking will not be available on Tedsby.
  • Why there is no information by my tracking number?

    1. The seller did not add the tracking number of your shipment to our database. In this case you may wish to contact the seller
    2. The package was sent recently and information about your package has not yet appeared in the system
    3. You typed the tracking number incorrectly. Please, check that it was entered without errors.
  • Why the status of the my shipment has not changed for a long time?

    No status updates for a parcel which has “In transit” status is a common thing for long distance international shipments. Usually all such parcels successfully reach final destination.